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[Blog Rant] Lines and Veils

Before I have post on the St. John's RPG & BG Facebook group a article about players and GM's making sure they were on the same page when choosing/playing a game. However, I have noticed a part in the question it was missing and that was lines and veils.

Lines are things that a player might be uncomfortable with happening in the game at all. This can be acts which the player is morally against or just cannot handle in any setting.

Veils are things that a player can handle having in the game but will not go into detail with. A sex scenes fading to black is a veil as an example.

I think this is a good thing to get out because while some players might not say that people are crossing a line during the game, scared the player would ruin the story for everyone else, they might get upset and not return. I think I personally will be doing this with any new players at my table from here on. A practice that ALL players will have to agree with before playing, and a good practice for all games in general.

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  1. There is nothing worse then having to sit through love scene with for 4-5 spectators. Especially when the scene does nothing for the story.