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[Actual Play] Mouse Guard Session 1 + Character Creation

Jason (GM), Devin, Matt and Megan make epic mice in the high action of Mouse Guard. Players form their own Mouse Guard patrol and attempt to complete missions while the Game Master takes on the roles of the weather, animals, and the wilderness, all trying to thwart the fearless mice. Lots of funny bits in it and in the end memorable unique characters.

The Character Creations session

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Actual Play Mouse Guard Session 1:

Podcast Length: 3 Hours

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Character Profiles:
Devin As Simmons
Hometown: Barkstone
Rank: Patrol Leader
Belief: The most powerful weapon is the spoken word.
Goal: Find my parents
Instinct: Always get both sides of a depute.
Traits: Wise (1), Stoic (1)
Highest Skills: Fighter 5, Persuader 4

Megan As Walter
Hometown: Shaleburrow
Rank: Tenderpaw
Belief: Strike first ask questions later.
Goal: Prove to Simmons (my mentor) that I belong in the guard.
Instinct: Always remind loyal to friends.
Traits: Fiery (1), Defender (1), Open-Mined (1)
Highest Skills: Fighter 5, Apiarist 4

Matt As Kale
Hometown: Sprucetuck
Rank: Guard Mouse
Belief: A Cool head will always win over a hothead.
Goal: Atone for my crimes with the time I have left.
Instinct: Always defend the weak.
Traits: Inquisitive (1), Calm (1)
Highest Skills: Healer 4, Pathfinder 4

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