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[Actual Play] Mouse Guard Session 2

 Jason (GM), Devin, Matt and Megan surviving a weasel attack now dire to venture toward the Dark Heather tunnels. What dangers lurk for the adventurers! This one as a lot more action and tense moments with lovable humor !

Mouse Guard Session 2:

Podcast Length: 1h 30
Download Link:

Character Profiles:

Devin As Simmons
Hometown: Barkstone
Rank: Patrol Leader
Belief: The most powerful weapon is the spoken word.
Goal: Rescue my Parents
Instinct: Never let a weasel stand in my way.
Traits: Wise (1), Stoic (1)
Highest Skills: Fighter 5, Persuader 4

Megan As Walter
Hometown: Shaleburrow
Rank: Tenderpaw
Belief: I am a better Mouse Guard then Jamie.
Goal: Prove to Simmons I can be independent.
Instinct: Never accept an insult especially from Jamie.
Traits: Fiery (1), Defender (1), Open-Mined (1)
Highest Skills: Fighter 5, Apiarist 4

Matt As Kale
Hometown: Sprucetuck
Rank: Guard Mouse
Belief: Wrong me and pay the price.
Goal: Investigate the Dark heather tunnels and foul the weasels plans.
Instinct: Always keep curt at an arm's reach.
Traits: Inquisitive (1), Calm (1)
Highest Skills: Healer 4, Pathfinder 4

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