Game of Thrones LCG - Tuesday Nights @ Midgard Gaming

[Interview] Aaron Friesen

A friend of mine from Edmonton who showed me the light of Indie RPG's and the inspiration of forming the St. John's RPG & BG group. He talks about D&D and indie games, rule hacking, game designing experiences and a secret RPG project that is in the works. Listen and enjoy!

Podcast length: 37 Minutes
Download Link:

Intentions Rolled:
St. John's Roleplaying & Board Game Group
Burning Wheel
Rule: Zero
Apocalypse World
Dungeon World
Dungeon World Beta
D&D Expert
Dogs in the Vineyard
Shab-al-Hiri RoachMarvel Heroic RPG
Mouse Guard
Edmonton Tabletop Meetup
Dragons Eye View
Level 99 Games
Mystic Empyrean
Lady Blackbird
Aaron's Super Secret Project
One Thousand Monkeys One Thousand Typewriters
Game Chef
Intro/Outro Song: Blood Soaked Child

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