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[Actual Play] Lady Blackbird - Session 2

Second session of Lady Blackbird! So much happened it is unreal. Megan, Dave and Matt pick up things where it last left off and are now free to venture into the Wild Blue Yonder! In this episode they defend themselves against the Hand of Sorrow, Fight Giant Sky Squids, Meet the Pirate King Uriah Flint and the infamous and insane bounty hunter, Dread Pirate Roberts (don't ask). The Adventure awaits! Also found out Megan is staying! YAY!

Get ready for the Cold Sun Canon! BLAM!

Podcast length: 2 Hours 7 Minutes


Megan as Naomi Bishop
Dave as Snargle
Matt as Kale Arkam

Intentions Rolled:
Lady Blackbird
The Princess Bride
Signal Hill
Bell Island
Mouse Trap 1990 Commerical
World of Darkness
Star Wars

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