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[Actual Play] Mystic Empyrean "Bonus Session" - First to Wake

What does Mystic Empyrean and a greasy, half eaten Chinese takeout box have in common, Find out! The Rolling Intentions Crew along with some special guests to play this masterpiece system. In a world covered in fowl aether, emotions run high as these Eidolons open their eyes to a new world, they are First To Wake.

First to Wake is the first module by Aaron Friesen which brings characters upon a scenario style character creation. These Immortal Demi-Gods first begin to recall their memories of who they they were and literally take shape by their emotions as they come to surface.

The game doesn't primary use dice and in this session we used colored glass beads for the balance system.

Check out Mystic Empyrean free preview game on their Site

Podcast length: 1 hour 37 Minutes


Players: Jason, Megan, CJ, Brogan and Steven.

Intentions Rolled:
Mystic Empyrean
Clown Devo
Big Mac
Fat Superman

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