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[Dedicated Promotion] St. John's Roleplaying & Boardgame Group Fundraiser

For those here in St. John's Newfoundland there is a fundraiser going on that will help all gamers in the community. The plan is to raise money for a Brand new Logo, T-shirts and help fund the First Big Event here in the city. We can do this with your support

We are looking to collect $500 for this cause, all extra money will go directly back to the community.
Funding Ends: September 23rd, 2012.

St. John's RPG & BG is a NFP that specializes in community origination of gamers and geeks alike.Our mission is to keep real life interactive gaming alive, make new friends and just enjoy ourselves! We also want to bring like the minded people together, form a collective bond and rule the world (Mission Statement 2.0).

Chip-in Rewards:
$1 - "Bard" Our thanks for supporting this community.
$10 - "Cleric" First Big Event Pass and a Button with our new logo on it.
$20 -  "Rogue" A new T-shirt with our logo and all items in Cleric.
$50 - "Fighter" Founder status certificate, Badge of Honor plus all other rewards before this.
$100 - "Paladin" A year pass to all events plus all other rewards before this.

Stretch Goal "$750" - If we reach $750, all those that got "Rogue" and above will receive a set of 5 custom six sided dice with our logo on it.

For Businesses - We can also provide letterhead documentation of your donation upon getting our new logo. Also "sponsorship notice" promotion in our twice monthly geek meetings and our First Big Event.

First Big Event is planned on being Held on September 29th, 2012.

New add-on rewards will be added as we think them up! Modify your amounts at anytime!

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