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[Actual Play] Spark RPG - Gameplay -Videocast-

What an interesting game. I will say, it was our first run and we did noticed afterwords a few mistakes made during world creations and during game play. Hopefully Jason Pitre will come back on he show and chew us noobs out!

Now take to the stage as the actor make bold actions and high demands. No one is safe in the wild lowlands!

Spark RPG is on the final days of the kickstarter, Go check it!

Video Length: 1 Hour 53 Minutes

Download link (Audio Only):

Intentions Rolled
Spark RPG (Kickstarter)


  1. Sounds great so far, with only one rules glitch by the 50 minute mark. A key rule is that the person _winning_ each Conflict must either pay one Influence or suffer one Harm. This keeps the economy running.

    You get paid out 1 Influence per Scene in which you confirm or refute a Belief. Challenging your Beliefs a dozen times in a single scene will only yield one Influence.

    Remember if all three of someone's Beliefs are challenged, everyone else also gets Influence. It might have been cut in the video editing, but I didn't see that.

    Still watching and loving it so far!

    1. Woot! Oh yes. I am sure we messed up a few rules. haha. We will be experts the next gameplay this fall. We Hope. :p

    2. You did remarkably well! I was worried that I was not explaining how declarations or NPC's work with sufficient clarity, but you were playing those parts perfectly. :)

    3. Thanks, IAWA helped me with the declarations part.