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Update for Updates

So I have been getting a few people asking how they can get updates on our stuff. I try and post new things ever Wednesday but i have not been the best to stay on scheduled. Bad Jason! Well if anything here are a few options to keep in touch:

RRS Feed button - That orange button on the right there. Click that and your can subscribe to the news feed for new posts.

Follow me on G+ - I +1 all my new posts. Add to circles is over to the right there... Follow me.

Subscribe to our YouTube account - We post most of our podcast on there. It does miss the rants and announcements (like this one) but has interesting playlists. Why don't you make a playlist of your fave Rolling Intentions episodes and post it in a comment below.

Like our Facebook Page - I post up everything on that thing!

Follow on Twitter - It links both of my posts and my youtube account on new content.

Add us on Itunes  - Even gets our audio from the videocasts. Sweet!

Visit - For many more awesome podcasts about the stuff you like!

Also, why not leave a comment below. It can be anything! A question to me or the crew, a outright statement about how much we rock or suck, stuff you wanna see us do or hell.. even gibberish! fhqwhgads! Let me hear the voice of the all people who listen to the show!

Thanks for everything!


  1. Hey folks, it's Bug from YouTube. Well, that's it. You've inspired me to move on to the blogosphere. I've gotta say, setting up RSS feeds and everything, putting the website together... it's been a tidge overwhelming.

  2. Bug! Good too see ya and Great news! you have you have a website ? Well post that up! I wanna see it. Also we still have to chat sometime XD


  3. My group and I are testing the waters at - my last comment back there was from before I knew that Wordpress blogs don't like iframe embeds. I'm desperately waiting for my machine to get back from the shop because the third session of Greenvale is dying to get up.

    We do need to chat! I check in every now and then on my YouTube account, and hopefully this comment lets me leave my email address.

  4. :p you could always add me on facebook or G+ on the site there. -->
    haha I will check it out!