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[Bonus] Lady Blackbird - Sci- Fi On the Rock Special

At the St. John's Convention, Sci-Fi On The Rock, we gathered a few of the different club committee members and podcasters for a game of Lady Blackbird. Two of them never even seen a TableTop RPG before and the results were awesome! Take a listen for yourself.

Special Guests:
Adam - Console Culture Podcast
Sarah & Sam - Steampunk Newfoundland
Dave - Goodwill Gaming

Audio was recorded in the convention area and is a little noisy. It gets better after 5 minutes but the background noise has been reduced.

Stay tuned for a videocast of Sci-Fi On The Rock where I interviewed a ton of the groups, clubs and vendors.

Podcast Length: 1 Hour 21 Minutes

Download link:

Intention Rolled
Console Culture Podcast
Steampunk Newfoundland
Goodwill Gaming
Sci-Fi On The Rock
Cowboy Bebop

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