Game of Thrones LCG - Tuesday Nights @ Midgard Gaming

[Actual Play] Mouse Guard (Revisit) - Character Creation

A homage to our first podcast session! We will be playing more play sessions of Mouse Guard between our new games for viewers. Two new people in this session and they make interesting characters that I cannot wait to see in action. This will be a slightly more casual format so it might not be up to the same form to the other games that you might be use too.

After the first 20 mins my apartment neighbor decides to play the drums hence why the sound goes funny for a little while. But I was able to scrub out as much as I could for you guys.

Podcast Length:  2 Hours 36 Minutes

Download link:

Intro/Outro: Leaves of Yggradsil - Neon-Bard (CC Licence)

Trigger Warnings:
Mild Language

Intentions Rolled
Mouse Guard
Burning Wheel


  1. Whatever happened to more Mouse Guard?

    1. Good call! We had ever intentions of doing so until these players ended up becoming to busy.. But I would probably still get a few games on the go having played it more and having a more solid grasp of the rules. Hmm!