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After a Year of Rolling Intentions...

So after a year of doing videos and podcast of new and old indie RPGs we have decided that we should take a moment to remember where we started. Doing so, we have planned to bring back our roots. A long form game of Mouse Guard for all the podcast viewers. This is a revisiting for all those people who have commented on our YouTube channel requesting it and clarification. It was our first game and one of our faves so we are happy to run it again and try and make sure it is easy to follow.

Furthermore, Jason and Donald also have another idea popping up soon. '8-Bit Broz.' will be a daily YouTube Let's Play Channel and review of old and new video games. We will be playing some mainstream and indie games while make fools of ourselves. After each game we plan on doing a review of it while trying to be entertaining... oh God...

We will still be doing other RPG games on top of this and shouldn't effect our regular weekly posts. I hope everyone enjoys the new content for season 2 and the start of our new channel.


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