Game of Thrones LCG - Tuesday Nights @ Midgard Gaming

[Interview] Adam Koebel & Sage LaTorra (Dungeon World)

A Pre-GenCon Special Release. I get to squeeze in another interview before Gencon begins to roll and it is with two of the coolest guys, Adam and Sage. They deliverer an amazing episode for the podcast. We chat about their game and games that are currently in the works. Also, a little discussion about the fandom biasness of both the OSR and indie comminuties plus how it affects the industry. It was a rather informative and an entertaining chat!

Podcast Length: 44 Minutes

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Intro: Artificial Mind - Blood Stain Child
Outro: Interception - Ozzed

Trigger Warnings:
OSR and Indie Community Discussion

Intentions Rolled
Dungeon World
Apocalypse World
Burning Wheel
Lapins & Lairs
Dogs in the Vineyard