Game of Thrones LCG - Tuesday Nights @ Midgard Gaming

[Promotion] First Annual Rolling Intentions Podcast Convention - (R.I.P CON)

July 19th @ 2pm - 8pm
St. John's, Newfoundland @ MUN Counsel Chambers!
Completely Free!

Join the Facebook Event and click Go!

This is the new time for the RPG Event! This will shall be no cancellations no delays. It is happening.

Come down to MUN on July 19th and enjoy playing those RPGs you love so much. We will have tables set up with Gm's / Hosts to host an enjoyable game for you. We will have giveaways and overall awesome time, so you got to come down!

Never roleplayed before ? Come on down and get introduced into the most imaginative and interactive games we know of.

Wanting to get new members for your home game? This is a great way to find new players for your group. Perhaps you might even want to see what other amazing RPGs are out there, this is totally for you.

So what are you waiting for? Click go and allow your mind to be blown out of this world.

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