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[Promotion] RPG Day - A Message to the Game Masters and Hosts

Well you probably know there is a RPG Event here in St. John's on June 21st at the Mun Loft. In fact you might be interested in hosting a RPG of your own and you might be wondering what do I need to do now? Here are a few things you might need to prepare for the event. (If you are looking to host a GMless game, this might be a similar list for you.) Food, tables and chairs will be provided.

Bring Source Materials - This can be a book, PDF or something you can reference the rules to.

Bring Balance Tools - Whatever the game uses, be it Dice, Cards, Coloured Blocks, Janga....

Bring Character Sheets - If you playing a crunchy game you might want to have them pre-generated (not required). Make sure to have enough for 2 sessions (5-8) based on number of attendees.

Extras - Pencils, Pens would be nice.

Planning - Plan the game to be a one shot that will last about 1-2 Hours. However, It is totally ok if it is longer or if it lasts the whole night, however some people might want to bounce about to some of the other games at the event. 

Planning Hints

-One idea is have breaking points in a longer campaign where people and swap in and out making a living roleplaying game. Make sure the individual scenarios are short.

- If you are looking for a group to play in or new members, run an elevator pitch make a small group (3 people or so) and run a 2 hour game then repeat with a new group.

- If you want to play a bunch of games, bring materials for all the RPGs you wish to host and run quick self contained episodes. Even if you finish one game early, talk about the aftermath or what other features that makes you passionate about the game you just played. Perhaps there will be a to be continued...

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