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[Lord of the Rings LCG] Solo Progression - Into The S*it Pit - Episode 14B

Wow.. this was unexpected. It seems the deck actually works... when it wants to. TYPICAL!

New Contest! I am giving away a nightmare pack of Shadow and Flame as well as a art print of Gandalf that was done by a local artist here in the city. There will be two winners (if possible).

The contest is: tell me what packs you would refer a new player who just got the core set to make a deck that is enjoyable to play with other experienced players. Try and keep it around the 150 to 200 dollar mark.

Contest Rules: Max of 5 packs (APs or Deluxe Sets) and a brief reason you choose those packs! I will pick 2 that I like and give out the prizes. Of course adding likes to the comments will influence me! Keep it cheap! No Buying Singles. Enter as many times as you wish. Enter by Facebook, Blog or E-mail.

Contest ends is 2 weeks (April 27th).

Art for contest by: Kevin Kendall

Price Reference:

Deck Used: The Silvan Experience 2.0


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