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Lord of the Rings Hero Focus - Elfhelm

So I am taking a quick break from my Pokemon Go! game play to write an article as I am really enjoying the newest AP of this cycle.

Elfhelm was first released as a Spirit ally in "The Dead Marshes" pack way way back in the first cycle. Only now he is a hero card and it seems there is a bit of mystery surrounding his card. First off his mere card image was to find up until recently and How useful could this mount riding Rohan be ? 

Let's see if we can analyse this even more!

Looking at his stats it is per for the course. the standard 10 threat, 2-2-2-4 isn't something new and isn't something we are overly impressed with but it isn't bad at all. 

This jack of all trades has 3 traits: 

Rohan, I fairly fleshed out trait which has a few tricks to dig for mounts, readying the masses of Rohirrim and questing.. plus other things. It is a solid trait none the less and keeps getting better.

Scout, A newest trait that is getting some card for it. Most either help with locations or questing which is pretty good to me.

Warrior, The only card I can think that works for this hero is Captain of Gondor. This is great since it is not restricted and adds more stats to Elfhelm plus his mount. One great defender! The other card Raiment of War can also be used but I personally find using that on characters more effective.

Elfhelm's ability as a standalone isn't bad. a Mount on him gives him an addition defense and if you play with the newest mount released, Armored Destrier, you can defend, ready and remove a shadow card and defend again! Madness.

The real fun comes with the use of songs. A song of travel can give a character a spirit new resource and help smoothing while giving them a +1 willpower with a mount. With the list of amazing mounts you can pick your poison. A solid choice with Elfhelm would be having Snowmane and  Armored Destrier! You can have him quest for 3 and ready himself for a defend and even an attack. It is extreme action advantage!

And this is one character. His ability works on all heroes.

Pop a Armored Destrier on Amarthiúl and you have a 4 defense and a 4 attacker whom can do it both! A deal!

Elfhelm provides options and new reasons to use songs to the max! Stats advantage.. action advantage. 

Could you ask for more ?

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