Game of Thrones LCG - Tuesday Nights @ Midgard Gaming

Rolling Intentions will be at Avalon Expo 2

Rolling Intentions will be at Avalon Expo 2,  at Ecole des Grands-Vents on 65 Ridge Road, St. John's, Newfoundland on Saturday, August 27th @ 11:00am!

We will be doing a game demo and giveaway for the Lord of the Rings Living Card Game, by Fantasy Flight Games. This game isn't new but it is one of the few card games that promotes and rewards good co-op game play. We want people to come in and enjoy a game of LoTR.

We will be cracking open some Core Sets and giving people
a chance to play as the heroes of Middle Earth. The band must face the dangers of the Mirkwood Forest together. Will you survive the long travel which the spider filled forest or will he terrifying Ungoliant's Spawn find you first?

As mentioned we ill be doing a giveaway of a Core set and Art print of Gandalf by one of our local artists, Kevin Kendell to one of the people who come to the presentation! Also, don't miss your chance for other giveaways. Stay tuned to Rolling Intentions for future stuffs, including playthroughs of some of our personal favorite tabletop games.

See you there!

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