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New Lord of the Rings LCG FAQ

Some big news in the LOTR LCG world. A new FAQ after a year of waiting and like ever FAQ there is a new list of errata cards to be had. While is is just more items to remember these changes seem to be one of the largest upsets in the game.

Quick Reference of changes:

Tactics Hero Boromir - ability will now be limited to once per phase.

Tactics Hero Hama - ability is now limited to 3 times per game for the group.

Spirit Hero Caldara - ability is now limited to once per game.

Wandering Took - ability is limited to once per round.

Out of the Wild - goes to the victory display instead of discard pile after use.

We Are Not Idle - States Dwarf Heroes instead of Dwarf Characters.

Wingfoot - Exhausts after use.

"Cannot have attachments" - Is absolute and cannot have attachments even while blank.

Threat Elimination - is immediate as per threat dial not what a card might counts player threat as (Vanish from Sight).

Triggering Forced effects - A Forced effect must be in play and active at the time
its trigger occurs in order to resolve its effect.

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