Game of Thrones LCG - Tuesday Nights @ Midgard Gaming

Game of Thrones League Night

Every Second Tuesday of our Thrones night we play league matches. These matches are normally bring a more competitive atmosphere than our casual night and but can still allow players to play their fun janky decks. The focus on League isn't winning the most game but gaining the most power of the games you play. So win or lose you might still gain ground on others who are playing.

League Rules:

- Players can switch decks between matches as they wish.
- The league games are capped at 15 games per season.
- Joust Matches are timed for 55 minutes and Melee Matches are set to 1 Hour and 30 Minutes to reflect FFG Tournament rules.
- If time expires, players finish their current round. At this time, players count power totals for all players.
- Players who win their game, expect my time expiring, will set their power total to 15 (no more or less)
- Players record their power total score at the end of their game.
- Seasonal Tournaments count toward League power totals. There is a variant below in addition to scoring regular power totals.
- Premiere Tournaments do not count toward the League points.
- Prizes are won by those who have the highest power total score at the end of the season. The Seasonal Tournament marks the end of a season.
- League scores will recorded and be displayed on this group page per request.
- You can only concede a match during an Action window.

*A Standard Win does include opponents conceding.

Seasonal Tournament League Point Variant

- Players collect power totals are per normal rules.
- High Ranking Players who lose to a player Lower ranked than them will give 1 power from their scored total to the winner for that match.
- During Semis Elimination Rounds, a player who is eliminated will lose power equal to the half difference - rounded down - of that game's total (they still collect any power earned).
- During Finals Elimination Round, the player who is eliminated will lose power equal to the difference of that game's total (they still collect any power earned).
Any questions or modifications you wish to see, please comment below. These rules are subject to change.

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